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Singer. Actor. Voice Teacher.


- "it's so cool to me to see how much I've grown over this year and I attribute all of that to you bc I've never seen this kind of growth ever in my life"

- "OMG I can take in so much more air now and am able to sing louder than ever before! Thank you!!!!"

- "Thank you so much...I can feel myself continuing to grow as an artist and performer and that feels great!"

Singer, Actor, Voice Teacher

I am an opera and musical theatre singer and a stage and film actor. I was a first generation college student who earned a B.M., M.M., and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in Vocal Performance, and now I am an Assistant Professor of Vocal Studies and Musical Theatre at CLEMSON UNIVERSITY. I teach private voice in person and online, and I am passionate about female composers, musical theatre, celebrating neurodivergence in the arts community, using Internal Family Systems to create healthier voice studio experiences, and helping young singers realize their dreams.   

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